Amplifying music’s reach world wide!!

The trend of taking music out the fancy production studios back to it’s raw essence,  has been worldwide. Projects such as “La Blogotheque” (@Blogotheque), “Amsterdam Acoustics” , or the “Big Ugly Yellow Couch“, that were mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, have influenced the development of incredible initiatives such as “Amplificado” from the Colombia, probably one of the countries with widest variety of flavors, rhythms and artistic approaches.

“Amplificado” is a collective of regular people with an exquisite artistic taste, both musical and visual, that like to experiment with live music. No need for further introduction, the following video defines the essential definition of Amplificado’s project. None other than Colombia’s musical revelation, Monsieur Periné (a 6-piece band thats that perfectly blends world sounds – such as gispy music, folk and french chanson) performing in one of the largest public parks located in the middle of the country’s capital – El Parque Nacional.

This next video from the “Amplificado’s” archives is from “filthy, mangy jazzers” “Le Chat Lunatique” form Albuquerque USA (one of their members, Fernando Garavito, is from Bogotá, Colombia)  playing in the middle of Bogota’s most popular streets for having a cold Martini, and warming up for the party (be sure to watch this song’s finale from 3:10.. feels good!).

Don’t miss additional videos from  local Colombian acts like Soundacity, Ana Salive,   os The Hollow Bodies!

One final video, As Bogota’s Soundacity perform their song “Spinning Around” in a video that mixes feel good music and magic in the Colombian skies.

Enjoy, share, and congratulations to this brilliant the brilliant project of “Amplificado”.

WLT: Watch, Listen, Tell

I’m putting the T in WLT.

WLT is a series of music videos by director Dave Tree (@davetree definite #FF). as he defines it: “This is how Live music should be… and free! If you agree, Watch, Listen & Tell. Your support is why we do what we do.”

I found out about WLT, after I first listened to the band Stornaway,  a British alternative indie folk band  signed to the independent record label, 4AD.

This lead me to learn more about 4AD…  that by the way have their own series of live acoutic sessions.
If you’re wondering, ” 4AD is a British independent record label that was started in 1979. Current recording artists include such as The Big PinkBon IverCamera ObscuraThe NationalSt. Vincent, and tUnE-yArDs, among other great artists.”

To learn more about WLT, you can check out this cool link I founf with an interview of @davetree himself: “It’s Nice that (@itsnicethat) ”

Now let’s get go to the music!!!

After having mentioned the Band Stornaway, here´s the live performance of their song “I SAW YOU BLINK”.. catchy lyrics, mellow beat..

Next, If you haven’t heard of Michael Kiwanuka, you will soon surely will.. Michael was the winner of the BBC Sound of 2012 (which aims to showcase the best rising music stars for the year ahead).

This is Mr.Kiwanuka performing “I’m Getting Ready” from his debut album “Home Again”.

“If you have enjoyed this, know this. Sharing this video and allowing others to enjoy it too, is how WLT works. Imagine if everyone who had watched this, shared it with just a few other friends… ”

One last recommendation, are once again The Guillemots (which I’ve mentioned in almost envery post, … they deserve it, amazing band) with their version of “I Don’t Feel Amazing Right Now”.

Simply amazing!

Now take your your own tour among the other great videos posted by WLT, from artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Florence & The Machine, Liam Bailey among many many others… please enjoy..

Speaking about simplicity as the ultimate sophistication, La Blogothèque has definitely got to be one of the most important inspirations to this particular way of making live music: “Les Concerts à emporter”  (A Take Away Show).

La Blogothèque is a geniality developed by Christophe Abric (AKA Chryde) and Vincent Moon as they decided to find another way to share music back in April 2006 in Paris, probably inspired in the “Dogme 95 Manifesto” (an avant-garde filmmaking movement  based on the traditional values of story, acting, and theme, and excluding the use of elaborate special effects or technology.)

The result was a series of incredible raw-sounding streets concerts performed by the most incredible artists.

“How do you have ambitious and majestic songs, one charismatic singer, one cello, two saxophones and a blue typewriter fit in a small street of Paris? Just watch: the Guillemots just know.”

My fisrt approach to this “Take Away shows” was looking for live music by the Guillemots (a band that uses alternative musical instruments, such as the sound of a typewriter or even industrial power tools to create new sounds on their records.) What I found was a version of their song “Made-Up Love Song #43” …

First, if you haven’t yet,  please take a peak at the original version of the song:

Now here’s the Blogotheque-version, as the band plays in an alley somewhere in Paris… (they even use the stair’s rail as an instrument!)

Another Example of La Blogotheque’s greatness is the perfomance of local French Band Phoenix:

Hereunder their live versions of their hit song “1901” right under the Eiffel Tower (at the Trocadero, in Paris) , and “One Time Too Many” played on the second floor of a bus, as they stroll Champs-Élysées.


PHOENIX PLAYING: One Time Too Many (They even get off the bus without stopping playing the song!!)

La Blogotheque’s format has given artists limitless ways to perform: Check what the guys fromArchitecture In Helsinki” did  near Père Lachaise in Paris: The used the crowd, and a building to perform “Heart It Races”.. simply unbelievable.

First take a look at the original version of this experimetal classic….

If you thought that was wild, now take a look at the Blogotheque’s version… where they told bystanders “If you’re here you have to siing!!” The actual song starts at 2:30″. Be sure not to miss this!

Some of my other personal favorite “Take Away Shows” are the following:

Emanuel Lundgren from the band  I’m from Barcelona (a band best known for its 29 band members and it’s feel-good music) performing “Tree House” at a restaurant. #FeelGoodMoment with an amazing energy and crowd contribution.

Here’s Bloc Party‘s Kele being convinced to perform an acoustic version on “This Modern Love” as he is leaving a Pub. It was not an easy task.. ” He said no. We asked again, he said ‘yes but’. Then, we asked again…”

And last but not least, here’s Justin Vernon and Co. fromBon Iver” (Grammy Award for #BestNewArtist in 2012)  playing “For Emma” in a building Corridor… Acapella

Many artists have perfomed in the Blogotheque’s concerts, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Cold War Kids, the Kooks and even Colombia’s BOMBA ESTEREO!!

An interesting fact for Colombian readers, Vincent Moon is actually coming to Colombia on April 4th to speak in a conference in the

Auditorio Marino Troncoso. Find out more about this on this link.

A third post coming up!….soon

ok… I just can’t finish the post without including Bomba Estereo from Colombia, singing “Raza” and “El Alma y el Cuerpo” in downtown Bogotá!

Who said MTV was the only network who could produce great live acoustic sessions??

Social networks, technology, and a snatch of creativity in musical explorations have actually developed incredible initiatives of acoustic & live sessions all over the world. You don’t need a fancy studio or an elaborated technical production… A decent video recorder and an enhancing scenario, and (overall and most important) true talent can make magic happen…

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said…. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

So if your are a live music fan, who appreciate music in it’s most basic essence  be sure to explore the following:

1. Amsterdam Acoustics

Amsterdam Acoustics started on July 2009 to create intimate acoustic sessions with musicians with Amsterdam as a cinematographic background. Don’t miss sessions such as the ones of Passion Pit, We have Band or Peter, Bjorn & John.  Check them all out @

The following are are some of my favorite acts, performed by 2010’s English sensation the XX, and a band I consider will have a lot of attention in 2012 with their latest album, Denmark’s The Asteroids Galaxy Tour!

The XX, taking their spots on an Amsterdam bridge playing their acoustic version of Crystalised

The amazing Mette Lindberg and her Asteroids Galaxy Tour, sounding perfect from a balcony in the lovely Amsterdam..

2. Allsaints Spitalfields Basement Session

AllSaints Spitalfields is a British High Street retailer, which produces clothing aimed towards a progressive/fashion-forward niche market. They’ve  had a long history of collaboration and support to the music industry; U2, Stereophonics, Robbie Williams, and Kings of Leon were amongst the first artists to work with the brand. The brand hosts its own underground AllMusic parties throughout the year as a showcase for emerging British talent.

This basement has had the privilage of hosting artists such as the Futureheads ( English post-punk band.. check them out if you haven’t),  Friendly Fires, We have Band (They’ve also performed in Amsterdan Acoustics), Foster the People, and American Blues legend Seasick Steve.

Hereunder my favorite examples of this basement’s sessions by WE HAVE BAND and one of my favorite bands..  Fyfe Dangerfield‘s Guillemots (probably the best version of “I Must be a Lover”).



3. Big Ugly Yellow Couch – Sessions

“Big Ugly Yellow Couch is an acoustic video session series run out of the Brooklyn apartment of writer Carlye Wisel and photographer/videographer Donald Rasmussen. ” First thing to highlight, you can download the sessions in MP3 format.. @ … simply amazing to have this versions on your iPod..

 Without further introduction (best way to find out things of these amazing musical initives are to find them by yourself..) these are my favorite examples of how to create breathetaking sounds in a Big Ugly yellow Couch..

This is YOUNG THE GIANT playing “COUGH SYRUP”… (I’ve been playing this song continously for the past weeks.. just found out it was covered by the GLEE crew)

New York City-based rock band HOORAY FOR EARTH playing the hipster sounding “SORROUNDED BY YOUR FRIENDS”..

And with no intention to extend any more, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of videos and bands to watch and listen for the time being, these are the first of several Acoustic sessions  available in the web..

I’ll get back to you with a second delivery….